2019 Clinic/Concert Info

HS Bands Schedule–Anna HS
Friday, January 18th
8:30am — Seating Begins
9:00am — Rehearsals Begin
9:45am — HS Director Meeting (Lecture Hall)
12:00pm — Lunch (On your own)
2:00pm — Rehearsals Resume
4:30pm–Rehearsals End
MS Bands Schedule–Melissa HS
Friday, January 18th
8:45am — Seating Begins
9:15am — Rehearsals Begin
9:45am — MS Director Meeting
12:15pm — Lunch (on your own)
1:45pm — Rehearsals resume
4:30pm — Rehearsals end
All Bands (Same Campuses as Friday)
Saturday, January 19th
9:00am — Rehearsals begin
9:45am — Region Meeting (all directors in Lecture Hall)
12:00pm — Lunch (Provided by the region)
1:00pm — Rehearsals Resume
3:00pm — Rehearsals End (Middle school ends at 2:45pm)
CONCERT SCHEDULE  (All Concerts at Anna HS)
4:00  Middle School Concert
4:30  Middle School Symphonic
5:30  High School Concert
6:00  High School Symphonic  

Audition Results

I’ve received a couple of questions about how to find your audition results.  After answering this in person, or by email a few times, I thought I would post the info here.

1) Go to TMEA.org and log in. (Make sure you are using the login that was used to register students for the contest.)
2) Go to Divisions & Regions, click Band, then click Audition Entry.
3) Click “Login as Director”
4) Finally, under the heading “Contest Results” you should click on “My Contest Results.”

This should pull up a page where you can see each of your students and their placement results in the All-Region Contest.

Hope this helps!


FROM TMEA: Please be aware that the entry software is set up to designate 14 days prior to the audition date as the deadline for entries and 7 days prior to the audition date as the final late entry date (with penalties). Also be aware that the entry software is set up to send a letter of reprimand from TMEA to any director who enters students for the first time into auditions after the first deadline 14 days prior to auditions. Be sure to check the contest deadlines on the TMEA audition entry pages.


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